3 Strategies to Brand Your Store the Right Way


In the 21st century’s eCommerce market, it simply is not enough to offer a product or service without any further customer contact. Shoppers of the new millennium have literally thousands of options for where and how to find what they needs. And with Amazon Prime’s trusty 2-day shipping, most consumers simply default to the biggest online marketplace available.

However, there is hope for your little startup. You have something Amazon doesn’t. You have a face.

Sell Your Story

While Amazon has a worldwide recognisable brand, their story, the humans behind the online river, are completely unknown. Even if the story is out there, Amazon doesn’t have to create content on who they are to fill a client’s shopping cart because they’ve already been recognised.

Yet, business, true business, is all about where you and your product or service came from. Consumers like to know your why, and as time goes on, more and more people are going to choose story over convenience. Why? Emotion trumps efficiency. If consumers connect with your brand, your ethos, your story, they will connect with your product and then, you’ll be in business.

Just look at Pure Pods. You think they sell $100 shoes because the shoes are worth $100? No. The consumers connect with the charities Toms supports.

Show your consumers your story. Give them a true connection. Show them who you are, what you believe in, and why you do what you do. This can be in a simple About Me page, or turn into a full blown social media marketing campaign.

Speaking of Social Media

Let the social media platforms work for you. Find your target audience and build a presence on the sites they frequent. Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, you name it, you can build your branding there.

Conduct some detailed research on current social media trends. Facebook is becoming more and more a video streaming feed, while Twitter is great for site news and updates. Learn what the trends are on the social media platforms you are using and use those trends to spread your story, spread your content, and ultimately drive people to your Shopify store.

Joining forums and groups on different topics within your niche is also highly lucrative. Engaging with others not only facilitates networking and relationships as a whole, but it allows you to establish yourself as an expert. As you’ve started building relationships and answering questions, feel free to link to a product, blog post, or service you’ve provided to drive more traffic to your site.

Be an Educator

This piggybacks off of the last point a little bit. When it comes to social media or online presence, the biggest NO in the book is constant self promotion. Working with people takes tact and patience. Notice above we advised that you wait a while and build rapport and a reputation on a site before starting to pepper in your own content. This is so people know you are genuinely trying to help and not just sell your stuff to make rent this month.

Yes, making rent is important, but even more so is helping the people you are seeking to help with your product or service. Patiently establish yourself as an expert who merely wants people to have all the facts, and consumers will begin to see that you are the authority on this topic. Therefore, your products must be good.

However, not only will your consumers be taking your word for it. If you do your job as an educator correctly, your consumers will be well-informed enough to go and look at all your competitors and decide that your product is better all by themselves. This is the nature of a product that truly sells itself. It stands alone as the greatest against all others.

This is the power of relationship building and content creation in eCommerce.


Overall, establishing your brand the right way takes time, thought, and effort. Content creation and networking are not meant for sprinters. Establishing branding that lasts is a marathon for certain. It takes daily commitment and thought and planning to ensure that everything is staying on track. Yet, the rewards for your Shopify store will be well worth it as your brand takes flight and client shopping cart s fill to the brim.