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Shopify Migration


Shopify Migration

Moving to Shopify? Accelerate your ROI with a seamless migration.

Is your current eCommerce platform holding back your enterprise? Perhaps outdated or complex features and functionality make the simplest tasks cumbersome to create and edit. Maybe your internal website team needs to rely heavily on technical users to get products or even simple images changed. Or, it may simply come down to the quality of support you receive from your website technology partner.

The fact is, eTailers have no time to lose, so if you don’t have time-saving capabilities that come along with ease-of-use, ability to master complexity without the need for technical support or a partner who is in tune with your product needs and the market today you risk losing valuable business to  fierce competition who already have the Shopify platform.

We create beautifully designed eCommerce stores that capture the essence of your brand and that are geared to sell. We have found that Shopify® and Shopify Plus® couple speed and agility with the scalable foundation you need to grow your business faster and smarter.

We’re here to help you make the transition from your existing eCommerce platform to Shopify. So, what are you waiting for, the time to migrate is now!

Design migration


Advantex can develop a completely new look and feel for your brand or clone your existing eCommerce store.

Product migration


Our team will do the heavy lifting and export your entire product database from your current site and import it into your new Shopify® store.

Customer migration


We will import all your customer and order data into the new Shopify® store.

Order migration


All existing orders are imported into your new Shopify® store and mapped to existing customers.

Content migration


As part of the migration process, our team will copy all existing content and blogs into your new Shopify® store.

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