Top 5 Mistakes You’re Making with Your Shopify Store


A successful business is the combination of many things and launching a successful ecommerce store is no different! It is the combination of business strategies and tactics, flawless execution and the resources behind an ecommerce store that make it successful. In this article we discuss some common mistakes that business owners make when launching their ecommerce store.

Mistake #1: Choosing Obtrusive Colors

When you were a kid, did you ever go to the doctor’s office and drink that horrible pink liquid they give you when you’re nauseous? It almost never made your stomach settle, and honestly, the color actually made the room spin worse.

Neon colors are rarely the best choice in designing a webpage. They should be used as accents only, and sparingly.

This is easily fixed by looking at your brand and deciding what kind of subconscious message you want to send your consumer. Are you selling homemade essential oils mixtures? Look up some calming color palates on google images.

Mistake #2: Using Stock Product Descriptions

Unique product descriptions are pivotal in ensuring the success of your store. The mistake that many business owners do is copy and paste content from manufacturer descriptions or other websites. What duplicate content automatically does from a Google perspective is group you with all the other websites using the same description. If other websites have greater recognition than your site, these other websites invariably will be positioned more prominently on search results than your own.

Creating unique product descriptions opens up the opportunity to create content for your specific target market which will naturally lead to more sales.

Mistake #3: Forgetting Client Qualification

Many business owners assume that everyone loves their products because they themselves love their product.

Find the people in your target audience and tailor your marketing towards them. Don’t waste your precious time and resource on someone who simply cannot use or does not want your product.

Mistake #4: Not Going and Getting it

The flip side of the earlier mistake is just hoping and praying qualified customers will fall into your lap. With a world full of online chatter, the chance of the ideal customer just stumbling upon you is zero to none. The only people who will find you on google page 127 is that 39-year-old living in his parents’ basement with 3-day-old Cheeto dust in his beard. Unless you’re selling Cheetos, he’s not your guy.

Even Mark Zuckerberg still has to engage in marketing. If Mark has to, you definitely have to.

Mistake #5:Relying on Ads alone

While Google and Facebook ads are still a viable way to advertise your Shopify store, eCommerce is a lot more than sales these days. With the thousands of adds consumers see on a daily basis, often times advertisements merely register as white noise. Therefore, building an online content presence is key to establishing your brand and circulating among your targeted audience.

This is done through pairing your store with a blog and a solid social media presence where you network with those in your niche to establish yourself as an expert. If you educate your potential consumers, they will not only trust you more, but feel informed enough to make a decision on their own. You won’t need to sell them because you enriched their minds enough for your product to sell itself.


Fixing these mistakes is so simple, even a monkey could do it, if they weren’t so focused on their bananas. Get your mind off your product for a moment and ask yourself, ‘what do my customers really need?’ Build your content, social media, and even your store design around this question. Educate your clients to show them you really care. Above all, do not leave this content creation up to fate. Aim to make a difference in someone’s life and eventually you will, and your business will thrive.